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“Instead of bronze I will bring gold, instead of iron I will bring silver,

instead of wood, bronze, and instead of stones, iron.” (Isaiah 60:17)


1. Today I will live in the now! I will live in the now because I understand that excellence is an attitude – a state of mind that gradually becomes a lifestyle, and I am developing that lifestyle daily. I know that excellence exists, and that successful people live it, so I will not be destroyed by a lack of knowledge in this area. I have seen it in others, and now I will see it work for me!

2. Today I will not be lazy, and just assume that excellence will be a natural development in my life, but I will work hard to maintain a high standard for myself, and will walk in the required diligence to achieve my goals.

3. Today I will not give in to feelings of unworthiness that would prevent me from expecting the best of myself. I will believe that I deserve to live an excellent life, and will retrain my mind away from lies that I have believed that have damaged my self-esteem.

4. Today I will not be satisfied with “good” or “good enough.” God has called me to greatness in my area, so I will be faithful to hone my skills for the development of excellence, and I will do it to be a blessing to the Kingdom.

5. Today I will rid myself of any fear of success that I may still have, realizing that the continued pursuit of excellence ultimately brings undeniable success – and with that success comes added responsibility. But I am preparing myself to take on more, enlarging my capacity for faith and productivity, and, when opportunity knocks, I’ll be standing at the door, ready to open it!

6. Today I will not feel like I am an imposter, not living my real, deserved life. I am blessed because God is good, and I am successful because He has allowed me to work His system in the earth for my own benefit, as well as for His. I am not afraid that success will tell on me, revealing that I can’t make the grade. On the contrary, with every level of promotion, I will easily rise to the occasion.

7. Today I will see the big picture of my success, increasing in excellence incrementally, patiently progressing and possessing the higher standard of living that I deserve. Today I will give it all I’ve got, and today I will live in the now!

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